About the FN Health Authority

FNHA Mandate

Mandate of the First Nations Health Authority

• Plan, design, manage, deliver and fund the delivery of First Nations Health Programs;

• Receive federal, provincial and other health funding for or to support the planning, design, management and delivery of First Nations Health Programs and to carry out other health and wellness related functions;

• Collaborate with the BC Ministry of Health and BC Health Authorities to coordinate and integrate their respective health programs and services to achieve better health outcomes for First Nations in British Columbia;

• Incorporate and promote First Nations knowledge, beliefs, values, practices, medicines and models of health and healing into the First Nations Health Programs, recognizing that these may be reflected differently in different regions of BC;

• Be constituted with good governance, accountability, transparency and openness standards;

• Establish standards for First Nations Health Programs that meet or exceed generally accepted standards;

• Collect and maintain clinical information and patient records and develop protocols with the BC Ministry of Health and the BC Health Authorities for sharing of patient records and patient information, consistent with law;

• Over time, modify and redesign health programs and services that replace Federal Health Programs through a collaborative and transparent process with BC First Nations to better meet health and wellness needs;

• Design and implement mechanisms to engage BC First Nations with regard to community interests and health care needs;

• Enhance collaboration among First Nations Health Providers and other health providers to address economies of scale service delivery issues to improve efficiencies and access to health care;

• Carry out research and policy development in the area of First Nations health and wellness;

• The FNHA may undertake other functions, roles and responsibilities connected to health and wellness of First Nations and other aboriginal people in BC.

See the complete list: British Columbia Tripartite Framework Agreement on First Nation Health Governance (2011)