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Beefy Chiefs Step Up Challenge October Winners!

The Beefy Chiefs 2.0 STEP UP Challenge has reached two new milestones in October. This was the first month where we had a lot of cold and rainy days, the kind of days that would normally see a severe lack of activity. However, those taking up the challenge have found many ways to get up and be active. Some have bought wet weather gear; some are embracing the wet and cold, while others are looking to those around them for the motivation needed to be active. The First Nations Fit forums have been a great way to share these stories and experiences.


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Step up’ers walk around the entire world in September! (Well just about)

38,000 KM logged by First Nations Health Champions

It’s the beginning of October and soon our nights will start to get longer and colder. This may affect our distances and steps but with a supportive network and positive attitude we should be able to continue with our goal of staying active.

On the cold and lonely days, when all you want to do is stay in bed or sit on the couch and watch TV instead, remember this little fact: In September, the combined distance traveled by all of those in the Beefy Chiefs Challenge was around 38,000km, which is only 200km short of the distance around the world. Each of our contributions, big and small, helped make that possible. 

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August Step Up Winners

Island continues to dominate standings

As the Beefy Chiefs Challenge enters its third month, Vancouver Island continues to dominate the standings - sweeping three of the six monthly prizes. Is this an early indication of things to come or will we see other regions become more active as word of the challenge spreads?

This month’s winners…

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Gary, where have you been? BC Chiefs are already part of the solution!


“Are native leaders ready to be part of the solution?” Yes, Mr. Gary Mason, BC Chiefs and leaders are already part of the solution. BC Chiefs set aside anger and acted to improve the health outcomes of their communities in British Columbia. Chiefs tasked the First Nations Health Council to lead the way in creating healthier individuals, families, and communities. British Columbians and Canadians alike need to know about this success story…

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